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Time 'Does' Fly When You?re Enjoying Yourself

Time 'does' fly when you’re enjoying yourself it seems! Which is what I've been doing since my last blog! First thing to mention is "Brenda's Big Night Out", written by, and starring my very talented brother Ceri Dupree. Mum and I went to the opening night at The Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea, and enjoyed every minute. Great script full of Welsh humour. Great vocals from Helen Enser Morgan and Nikki Dee. With great comic timing and physicality by Alan Jones-Griffiths. Not forgetting Ceri, whose razor sharp wit, brilliant impersonations and ad libs, and goddammit, yet again, flashing those fabulous legs! Which quite frankly, should have been mine! Thanks mum! Or should I say thanks dad! (mine are more like his!!)... It really was a great night out. A shout out too for James, Issi, Debra, Trevor, Andrew, and both Louise's, for keeping the technical side of things flowing. Great set and costumes. I really am looking forward to seeing it again!

So, it was then back to London. Dinner with a dear friend of mine Alice Arnold (who recently whipped up a Press frenzy with her litter story) and her lovely partner Clare Balding. I hadn't seen Alice for over 20 yrs. We were in Evita together. We had a great catch up, lots of stories and laughter, with Sam and I leaving with full tums and big smiles!

It really was a social week indeed. Meeting up with new friends Ali and Jennie in Soho on Saturday, and a great meeting with Susie McKenna at Joe Allens on Monday (hadn't been there in years). Making plans for the Ha-Ha Hackney show on July the 8th. It’s gonna be a fantastic show. Details on my news page.

Tuesday, I went to see 'Ragtime' at the open air theatre Regents park. I love the score. It was great to see lots of talented friends there. I had never seen it on stage before. I had a great night, enjoyed myself very much, and the balmy evening was just perfect. I also ran into some students from the MTA. Can’t wait to pop back in to see them all again soon. Look out for their new show "In Touch" coming to the Bridewell Theatre in June.

So, amongst all the enjoyment of the week, I have been working too!...Honest!!...I might not have been onstage. But doing lots of research re big band arrangements, talking to arrangers, choosing the right material, learning new lyrics etc. I really am looking forward to lots of concerts coming up soon. More on that shortly, once deals have been done!!!

Okay, so I’m off now to read the script of "The Wiz". I’m travelling up to Loughborough to work with the young students of "Bright Lights" theatre school on Saturday. Run by the wonderful Nick Sutcliffe, who I worked with on Victor Victoria, (Happy Days). So, wherever you are, whatever you are up to, ENJOY!!! It would be rude not too....Life really IS too short!!!

RIA xxx

Photo: Ria with Trevor Griffiths, at the opening night of "Brenda's Big Night Out".

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012
By: Ria Jones